5 Ways to Stay Safe from Highway Robbery

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Highway robbery is a thing we are all afraid of. The cases of highway robbery are on rise even after so much advancement of technology and to be brutally honest, we don’t see any way out to stop this, as individuals or general citizens. But as experience tell us, we have learnt a few things from the Spirit Lake Chevy dealer experts that can provide us security at the first level. Read on to know if they sound useful to you.

  1. Do Not Give Lift to Strangers

Yes, we know it sounds to be against humanity. But for the sake of our own lives we need to be cruel and insensitive at times. If we want to really help people, we can sure call the police and inform them, that someone needs help at a particular location. But allowing strangers in your car, is a big, big, NO. in most cases that is the most common way the robbers access you and at a gunpoint rob you off. So, never even slow down your car, if someone is  asking for a lift on roads, especially on highways.

  1. Keep Your Windows Rolled Up in Signals

On traffic signals, the thieves and robbers get a golden opportunity to access the cars, as the vehicles are close.They know very well that the drivers or passengers cannot chase them leaving their vehicle or move ahead till the signal turns green for them. So, whenever you are waiting in your car in a signal, make sure to roll up your car windows till you are moving again.

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  1. Do Not Keep Things Visible

You might be carrying some recently purchased items and casually placed them at the rear seat or on the dashboard. But that is how you are inviting trouble. People who can see your stuff can have plans to rob them as well. So make sure to place them inside the storage pockets every time you carry things on your car, to keep them hidden from the eyesight of strangers.

  1. Do Not Use Wipers after an Eggshell Attack

This is the latest trend of highway robbery. The robbers are throwing egg shells on the windshield to disturb the visibility so that you stop the car immediately and they get to attack you. If such things happen, do not immediately or instinctively start the wipers or stop your car. Even though driving with such a mess on the windshield is tremendously difficult, you can still catch a glimpse of the road, if you do not use the wipers, as that would further spread the mess. Rather try to drive away as fast as possible to the nearest fuel pump station and get it cleaned.

  1. Use Dashboard Camera

The Chevy Spirit Lake experts say that nowadays, cameras are playing vital roles in providing security. If you have a dashboard camera, do not forget to make use of it. if you don’t have, it is high time to get one. These dashboard cameras will help in recording whatever is taking place on the roads and would help identify the criminals.

Do not forget to share your experience along with the video footage with the police.