Accounting software for small business: Some crucial questions to ask

It could be that the small entrepreneur has finally decided to implement accounting software in his business to enhance his bookkeeping methods and to enjoy the different benefits that it has to offer. But before purchasing one, it will be wise to first ask few vital questions pertaining to the software system to make sure that the right decision is being taken to switch to computerized bookkeeping from the age old manual accounting system.

Some questions to ask about accounting software

  • User friendly: Irrespective of how good the accounting software system is, if it requires special codes and knowledge combined with in-depth training, and then it can be tough for the lay person to generate reports whenever necessary. This will become a problem, especially if the accounts specialist is absent for the day and reports are to be generated immediately. It is for this reason, the software selected needs to be user friendly, such that even a lay person should be able to operate the basic part and get to know useful information. There should not be involved complicated commands. It should also have service tax return filing form that can be filled up and submitted online with the respective government authorities.
  • Support: The vendor offering the package should ensure providing round the clock support to all the clients. There may emerge issues with the software or probably, being new, the person may face in making the entries the correct way or not able to derive accurate results, something that was possible manually. The customer care executives employed by the vendor needs to be well qualified, mannered, and communicative and clear in their answers and understand the question asked by the clients properly. They should give a patient hearing and provide the most appropriate solutions.
  • Can using the software system help to save precious time: Using the software should not seem complicated and time consuming. It needs to be easily navigable and the different sections should be accessible without any hassle. The calculations need to be performed automatically and the desired reports generated within seconds. Even entering the records on a day to day basis and saving it should be much easier and effortless.
  • Backup: This is undoubtedly a crucial question that should not be missed out or neglected during the selection process. The software should allow the user to take frequent backups. This way, data entered and stored in it will be safe and should be retrieved, in case, the main software crashes for any reason.
  • Paying tax: No business can deny taxes to the government. The accounting software chosen should calculate the profit and loss balance, trading and prepare the final balance sheet accurately. The records should be accurate and for this the user should be in a position to navigate through the past records of the year to ensure that they are correct, keeping with the government rules and regulations. The software should help to submit tax return on time and without any hassle or issue.

Asking the above questions can help the small entrepreneur to choose the very best accounting software package for the smooth functioning of the business.