Amazing Uses For Flexible Diesel Fuel Tanks

When the yacht ‘Hussar’ capsized during Cyclone Lance in 1984, it could have ended in tragedy. Instead, it prompted survivor Laszlo Torok to develop products with the potential to save lives.

Founder of the Gold Coast-based enterprise, Turtle-Pac, keen sailor Laszlo used the experience to invent the world’s first ‘Yacht Floatation System’, in 1985.

And from there came a range of sea and air products, including flexible holding tanks, flexible diesel fuel tanks, and yacht holding tanks.

Commercial And Military Clients

Products are tested in real conditions, and manufactured to a standard that continues to attract the attention of both commercial and military clients.

All products are manufactured using a unique, super durable fabric, that reduces contamination and harmful vapours.

Flexible holding tanks are a great addition to any sized craft, and Turtle-Pac products are being used on some of the biggest, and in the toughest conditions imaginable.

Tough Conditions No Problem

One example is the S.Y. Katharsis II, a Polish owned and crewed yacht, which sailed from Hobart to Antarctica, and back to Auckland, in January 2015.

Battling the biggest ever ice cap in Antarctica, below zero temperatures, and harsh Southern Ocean conditions, the yacht carried 2300 litres of extra fuel in seven Super Deck flexible holding tanks. All remained intact and undamaged.

Flexible fuel tanks offer many advantages, such as fast installation, high weather resistance, low evaporation, easy maintenance, and low bacteria risk. And of course, once empty, they can be quickly rolled up and stowed away.

Strong And Durable

Yacht fuel tanks must be strong and durable, and able to survive the worst conditions imaginable. They should also be as light as possible, and take up minimum space. It’s a big ask!

Collapsible tanks can be used for fuel, water or sewage, so the way in which they are manufactured is extremely important.

Turtle-Pac flexible diesel fuel tanks are built tough. What’s more, they are safer and cleaner than metal tanks to use.

Safe And Stable

They are extremely stable, which is a big plus. No-one wants loose drums rolling around on board. They don’t leave dirty rust stains behind either.

Flexible diesel fuel tanks are used in a number of different applications, including military, agriculture and industrial.

One non-military example can be found on the Solomon Islands. Here, jungle logging companies use 1000 litre tanks for diesel resupply of forestry machinery. Few places could be more demanding.

To get a little more technical, flexible holding tanks are of double skin construction, with the outer layer of 1100 Dtex nylon weave coated with PVC. The inner skin varies according to use.

Tested To Perfection

To ensure the highest strength and durability, the seams are sealed using both stitching and HF welding.

From Australia to Alaska, flexible holding tanks have been put through every condition to ensure perfection. They’ve even been used on an airship! A Turtle-Pac 264 gallon special ferry tank was used on an epic flight from London to Dubai, onboard the largest commercial airship in the world.

And when Norman Surplus became the first person to fly a gyrocopter around the world, guess what was on board: a couple of Turtle-Pac Gyro-Buddies!