Benefits of Availing FordPass from a Ford Dealership

If you are a Ford Vehicle owner, Ford offers you a handful of benefits to be their trusted customer. One such benefit is the FordPass, which is a one-stop app developed by Ford to make it easier for any Ford car user to find a parking and paying for it even before you step out of your house. It is also one of the finest ways to connect you to the vehicle assistance services in case of any emergency situation on the road. To provide you the convenience as a Ford user, Ford Pass would answer immediately if you have any questions while it will also help you find a place whenever you ask it for.

The App Features

The experts at Ford Escondido dealership explained that FordPass is a platform structured by Ford that lets you continue with your multiple apps by bringingall of them into one for the convenience you always looked for. FordPass is integrated with both Apple and Android smartphones to allow any of these users control your vehicle from the comfort zone of your living room. The app extends its help from finding out the next fuel station that is available at the best price by filtering all the options on the basis of fuel brand or grade. If you are a 2017 Ford Escape owner, or if you have a Fusion or F-150 at your home that is equipped with SYNCConnect3, the FordPass app would check the fuel level to make you rest assuredto have enough fuel in your tank, as it would alert you much in advance, when your vehicle needs a fuel refill.

Perks Offered

So that you can enjoy full advantage of everything that the FordPass has in store for you, all you need to do is checking out your email immediately after downloading the app. In the same, you would be provided with instructions on ‘how to earn great rewards for activities’and the answer is as simple as completing your own profile in there.


 With the help of FordPass, you would receive a one-on-one help from its user-friendly FordGuide team. This is a team of experts who are available over the phone or through live chat to answer any of your question you might have with your FordPass. A 24/7 Roadside Assistance too can be accessedwhenever you need some help with changing a flat tire, towing, fuel deliveries, and much more. And yes, all this can be availed at the touch of a button.

The Bottom Line

Here at Ford dealer Escondido, we came to know that today Ford is making all its vehicles compatible with FordPass. To avail all these benefits, with your existing Ford car, you can simply choose to contact them with your vehicle details, like the year of manufacture and they would like to help you out, with all the benefits of using the FordPass with a series of other service and offers, as one of the most trusted and reliable dealerships of Ford.