Best Way To Get Train Tickets To Ipoh Is Through Easy Book

Today in internet there are many online portals present which are helping people to book their vacations just by sitting in front of their computers. These portals are easy to handle and provide people the luxury to choose the best options for them by keeping in mind their budget. For travelers who want to have a journey in Malaysia, there is one website which is helping them to get their train tickets booked easily. The name of the website is easy book dot com. This website is very much safe and secure and millions of travelers use this website for making their bookings. There are many beautiful places in Malaysia and because of this millions of visitors come here to enjoy their free time with their friends and family. Ipoh city is one of the main attractions present in Malaysia which is the capital of Perak. This place is loved by millions of people which are why seventy percent of tourists that come here in Malaysia never miss the trip of this city. Train journeys are available to Ipoh from different cities of Malaysia which has made it easier for people to come here. The train journeys are said to be one of the main attractions because it has got wonderful scenic beauty and cityscapes along with different rivers. The tickets of different trains are available to people through the stations or through this website. By following the link people can get the train tickets at the same rate as there are no hidden charges.

Different Trains And Journey Times

There two different trains run from KL city to Ipoh and Kota Bahru city to Ipoh. The two different trains’ services are KTM train service and ETS train service. The ETS train service is much faster than the KTM train service as it completes one trip in just two or two and half hours while the other train services takes more than four hours. Two different services are available to passengers in order to enjoy their trip in ETS trains which are silver and gold services. Gold services are double the cost of silver services and have some wonderful amenities and services that make the two hour train trip, a trip to remember.