The Dos and Don’ts of following online recipes

For those who love to cook, hunting out new recipes online is something exciting and then making it at home adds another whole new dimension to the cooking experience altogether. However, sometimes when we try out online recipes at home we see that it has not turned out the way we expected it to be or according to what has been stated in the recipe!

Has that ever happened to you? Well there are some simple ways to avoid these problems and make sure that you get just the taste that you want. The ways are rather simple really if you follow the important tips for other recipes in hindi which will help you to identify what might go wrong when following recipes and how that can be rectified. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you to understand how to exactly follow a recipe online.

The do’s for a successful recipe

The thing that you will have to do first is to check the quantity. Every recipe has a quantity mentioned in it, like this dish is meant to serve four people or five or eight etc. Make a note of the number of people that you will be cooking for and then measure of the ingredients based on that. For example suppose that you will be cooking for four people whereas the recipe mentions that it is for two people or six people. Then you will have to make adjustments with the measure of ingredients accordingly.

A very important that thing that you need to take care when it comes to following a recipe is to make sure that you get the amount of spices right. It is crucial that you realise that not everybody has the same taste palate and if you want to stick to yours then make adjustments especially in the amount of spices based on that.

More often than not we encounter certain difficulties when following recipes like we might not have the right utensils that have been mentioned in it. So in such cases, the key thing to do would be to improvise. For example if they ask you to use a pressure cooker and if you don’t have a properly functioning one then make sure that you find an alternative. You can always boil the food in case of the absence of a pressure cooker but then that will take up more time.

The don’ts to be followed

Do not base your time of cooking on the time that has been mentioned in the recipe. Generally if you follow the other recipe magazine in hindi you will see that the time stated in the recipe and the time taken differ and the actual time that takes to cook the entire dish is more.

And finally do not use the recipe word by word. There might be ingredients that you do not usually use in your cooking and if you are not comfortable with having them then keep them out of the recipe and improvise while cooking.

These are some basic but very helpful techniques that will make sure that the dish you make from an online recipe is a success.