EB-5 Visa for Investment in The States

enterprise with all the facilities and utilities available just round the corner? Or do you seek permanent residence in the States and settle there for better opportunities and exposure? If it is so for any of the before mentioned questions, then EB-5 visa is just the right thing for you.

What is an EB-5 Green Visa?

Created in the year 1990 by the Immigration Act of 1990, the EB-5 Immigrant Program is one of the employment-based preference program in the United States of America. Created to encourage foreign investments and economic growth, it one of the easiest ways for investors to immigrate to the States and lawfully become permanent residents of the United States of America. To take benefit of the scheme, a person needs to invest a million dollars in a business that employs or will create employment for at least ten American workers. Though, usually investors invest in rural areas with high unemployment rates, thereby lowering their mandatory threshold investment to half a million dollars.

The EB-5 green card USA is hence helpful not only for individuals wanting to set up, begin or invest in already existing businesses located in the United States, but is also helpful for the residents of the country. Most of the investors, about eighty percent come from Taiwan, South Korea, China and the United Kingdom. Rest comes from countries like Mexico, India, Japan and Canada.


Advantages of the EB-5 Visa

  • Beneficial for both the parties. It is a win-win situation.
  • Owing to the business friendly environment, the investment is most likely to fruit results.
  • The startup culture and the vibrant ecosystem make it more probable for the venture to succeed.
  • Can be your way of getting a permanent residence of the States and settle there for better opportunities and facilities.
  • Owing to the fact that the price has not been increased since two decades, the EB-5 program has become quite a deal.
  • When investing in targeted employment areas, not only does the minimum threshold gets reduced to half the original amount, but also helps in generating employment where it is most required.
  • The person can legally sell the business after he/she has obtained the permanent green card.

There do exist a couple of cons though.

  • Processing time for the EB-5 visa is quite a long stretch. It can take around 1.5 years for the application to get processed and passed.
  • It can take upto the same time to get the conditions removed from the EB-5 visa and it is only then that the person may apply for US residentship.
  • Not all projects are well managed, and as the entire affair is private (and not government interfered), some projects do fail which result in cancellation of the EB-5 Visa.

Even with its cons, if one wants to invest or invest and eventually settle in USA, EB5 immigration visa is their best bet.