Why employers trust the relevance of Aptitude test while Recruitment

The Aptitude tests are designed for determining the person’s ability in specific skills or filed. This helps the employer in analysing whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. The jobs these days are very demanding, and the employers look for candidates who are job-ready. There are many events when the number of candidates is high, and one has to select only a few candidates, but it is difficult to choose a right candidate who will be the most suitable for the concerned job. This sort of test can help one at such a juncture to decide accurately.

Many times, the employees are not able to cope up with the requirements of their profile and the aptitude test helps in screening the appropriate candidates who seem apt for the job. The aptitude assessment is a separate step in the recruitment procedure along with an interview.

The Aptitude tests can be divided into two on the basis of cognitive ability which is as follows:

  1. Fluid Intelligence

The fluid intelligence of individual accounts for the ability to reason and think abstractly and solve the problem strategically. In common terminology, it is known as the ‘Street smartness.’

Why employers trust the relevance of Aptitude test while Recruitment

The employers can assess the following by judging your fluid intelligence:

  • The problem-solving skills
  • Ability to learn new skills
  • Ability of quickly integrating new information
  • Strategic thinking
  • Capability of dealing with ambiguous situation while making decision

The Aptitude test for analysing the Fluid intelligence includes:

  • Conceptual or Abstract aptitude test
  • Diagrammatic reasoning test
  • Inductive reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test
  1. Crystallised Intelligence

The crystallized intelligence makes for the ability to understand and learn from previous experiences and applying the learning in situations at workplace. The specific work situations which need the use of crystallized intelligence are making and analysing the written reports, comprehending the work instructions along with using numbers as an effective tool for making positive decisions.

The benefits of Aptitude assessment are as follows:

  • The aptitude test will basically let the employer judge the personality and logical reasoning of the candidate along with smartness, the presence of mind and learning abilities. All these traits are quintessential for an efficient candidate.
  • The general aptitude test will help recruiter in knowing how the candidate applies logic for solving the given situation in predefined time which is the same situation that employees face on a day-to-day basis. You can judge the problem-solving ability of the candidate.
  • The crystallized part of aptitude test will help in knowing the verbal and numerical strength of the candidate which are pre-requisites of an excellent employee.
  • The fluid part of the aptitude test will help in knowing how well the candidate can integrate information and resolve issues in no time.
  • The company can find out the profile needs and design the test accordingly for scanning the candidates.
  • If the company has a training program, they can focus on the strength and weakness of the candidate and train them accordingly.