Everything You Want To Know About the Kanna Extract

artificially produced prescription drugs

Sceletium Tortuosum or Kanna, Kougoed or Channa, is the succulent plant that originates mainly from South Africa. This will produce the strong psychoactive effects if ingested by humans.

What exactly It is?

Kanna is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI. They will inhibit reuptake of serotonin, it means they make serotonin formation in the brain. What it does to make you happy, it helps with the general mood and focus. SSRI’s are the anti-depressants. Majority of these SSRI’s that the people take these days are artificially produced prescription drugs. Well, kanna is the natural one.


The Kanna’s alkaloids can also be extracted from the plant. So, this makes it very simple to consume the kanna extract, and distribute it.

strongest anti-depressant

Kanna Powder

Powdered kanna is the product of extracted Kanna alkaloids using ethanol. It is simple to use and can be highly potent. There’re a lot of kanna powders, which are 10, 15 and 20x. This means they are much stronger than regular leaves. There are many different kinds of the powdered extracts of the kanna plant medicine.

  • UC2 is mixed with food & isn’t very intense but effects last much longer.
  • UB40 powdered extract is made for vaporization.
  • ET2 is a single potent extract. It is recommended for the experienced users, as it has got high levels of the mesembrine making this intense and energizing. It is used best as a snuff.
  • UC Kanna extract’s effects are mellow, and not very energizing and relaxing. It is good as a snuff.


Kanna has got different alkaloids


It is one primary Kanna alkaloid. There’s around 0.3% mesembrine present in the leaves & 0.86% present in the flowers and stems of kanna. This is SSRI and has strongest anti-depressant elements.

Mesembrenol & Tortuosamine

Alkaloids that have same properties to ones mentioned above but not very strong.


This has same effects like mesembrine but they’re a bit more balanced & less pronounced.


There is the reason why many people have used the Kanna supplements and keep on using it. This has some profound effects.

  • Energy – People generally tend to be very energetic, both mentally and physically.
  • Anti-depressant- kanna inhibits reuptake of serotonin, and resulting in the improved mood & helps to fight off depression.
  • Focus – Surge of serotonin helps the people to focus much better, particularly people who are suffering from ADHD, depression, or serotonin deficiency.
  • Motivation – People generally tend to be highly motivated for doing something very meaningful with the lives.