Feeling bored? Try travelling, it is fun

If you are too bored for anything just go on and explore new spots it can create good vibes in your mind. The dilemma comes to you where to travel and when to travel and the biggest question is how to travel? The easiest way to travel is by bus. The ringgit is also affordable and you can simply push back your seat and watch the beautiful pastures through your window. It is always a good choice to travel by bus from KL to Ipoh which can create new energy level.

Why Ipoh?

If you are in Malaysia then why are you waiting? Ipoh is the best travel destiny to have a relaxed holiday. It is the capital city of state Perak located in Malaysia. The climate is so soothing because it has got tropical rainforest climate. The greatest wealth in Ipoh is Kinta River which sets base for all organisms living there. It is located 200kms away from Kuala Lumpur and has got the richest soil and varieties of places to hang out either with your friends or families like

  • Han chin pet soo
  • Kek lok tong cave temple
  • Zen garden
  • Ho yanhor museum
  • Art of old town
  • Birch memorial clock tower
  • Lang Mountain
  • Perak cave temple

And there are so many wonderful places to see and feel the touch of nature. Visiting Ipoh can change your course of thinking when you get involved in nature. Ipoh is situated in the middle of Kenta valley which is surrounded by limestone hills. The luscious food tastes are found in this city to fulfill your dry taste buds.

Now the destination is ready you can book your ticket from your couch by logging into internet and searching for any one of the most famous e-bus ticket booking site and select for

  • Origin place and departure place
  • Pick your seat
  • Choose your time of travel
  • Select your bus operator
  • Fix your ringgit

And buckle up so that the travelling time is on. You can make choices in your cost for adult as well as children. If you are taking your kids then there will be different pricing for kids too. Choose wisely and plan your destination spot more interesting.