Modafinil has become a trend to a lot of people seeking to improve their cognitive capabilities because of its brain boosting effects that are told to have no side effects of its users.

However, it is still required to take caution when taking this cognitive enhancing drug which was primarily manufactured to cure sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

Recently, it has gone viral to many people around the world especially to young professionals and people who work on graveyard shifts and students.

Before taking this “wonder drug” there is several precautions and proper instructions to prevent from overdosing and underdosing and prevent any negative side effects from setting in especially that this type of drug which is categorized as a type of stimulant. One can buy modafinil online without proper prescription and instructions about its proper dosage which exposes the user to a lot of risks.

For people who are new to this trend often asks where to buy modafinil reddit but with the availability of the internet, it is as easy as online shopping which turned the drug into a controlled substance in several countries which categorizes it with prohibited stimulants such as amphetamine but unlike the latter it can be bought if there is a proper prescription from a physician that specializes in treating and handling sleeping disorders.

Although its relatively harmless, modafinil still has several side effects that in the long run if not supervised might harm the dependent of this drug. For women who are taking up birth control pills and other methods might decrease the potency of it if they pair it up with modafinil while alcohol dependents must follow precautionary measures when they are planning to take modafinil.

This might be a very potent drug that promotes wakefulness and alertness but there is always the possibility that it will not work properly if it is paired with alcohol.

Modafinil does not just promote wakefulness and alertness to its user, it also helps regulate a person’s sleeping patterns to prevent insomnia from setting in but it does not mean that it is considered a life-long supplement for a person. Practicing yourself to get enough sleep which is eight to 10 hours daily is still essential to beat insomnia and sleeping disorder with modafinil only assisting it during the process.

People with narcolepsy and sleeping disorders have a regular medical assessment to monitor the effects of modafinil on their overall health. This is also essential for people using this drug as a cognitive enhancer. For a person taking this as a cognitive enhancer, they should undergo heart rate, blood pressure and cardiovascular status check ups from their physicians to monitor their overall health and determine what kind of effects does modafinil do to their bodies.

If you are not experiencing any symptoms of sleeping disorder or can handle the pressure and the workload as a professional or a student then it is best advised to avoid taking this drug because it is designed to treat people with severe sleeping disorder and not designed as a brain booster even though it is believed it possess such effects.