How To Grow Your Money With Extra Interest And Zero Lock-In Period?

How To Grow Your Money With Extra Interest And Zero Lock-In Period

In today’s crisis economy, it is not that easy to grow money. It needs to have a full effort to seek for the best way to make the money doubled. In fact, most of the people today are equipped with knowledge as to how to get extra income. They want to make more money instead of waiting to make it grow. For a lot of businesses today, the business owners never sit down and wait for the money to grow. Instead, they make ways on how to make more money in another way. They don’t rely on one income making method. So, saving money is one of a key tip to have a savings account. So, business owners and even ordinary individual make cash savings account to keep their money. But, what is the benefit given from this savings account? You will learn from here, the money you have saved is not just kept, but at the same time growing.

A high-interest savings accounts

Anyone else would look for the better. Aside from making ways to earn money and save it, there is another way to double it. The high yield savings account for better is an ideal way for growing money. In fact, you can have choices for growing the money. Let us not make this hassle and lose on track. With a 4.10% p.a., it will be the maximum interest. Good thing that the bank offered extra interest on the savings being deposited. Surprisingly, it has no lock-in period. It is also known as lock-up, lockout and lock-in period. It is a predetermined time following a first public offering. It happens when large shareholders are strictly prohibited from selling the shares. It is a period where it can’t be paid off earlier than the scheduled time without collecting penalties. The objective is to create a minimum return on the total advanced that covers the money being lend.

high yield savings account for better

What to get from it

The base rate will earn 0.15% p.a. On the entire balance. For the deposit, it can ear 1.20% p.a., depositing at least RM500 monthly. The suggestion for this will be setting an account as salary crediting account. Or, it must be set as a recurring fund transfer from the other bank account. The pay earns, 1.20% p.a., paying at least 3 bills monthly online. The suggestion for this will be using OCBC online banking for paying credit cards, bills and loan from other 1,400 billers. The bills will include the credit cards, installments, and loans with the OCBC or even the other banks. It is also to set a recurring fund transfer from the other bank account. For the spend, it earns 1.20% p.a., spending at least RM500 monthly on the OCBC card. It should combine the spend all over the OCBC Credit/Debit cards for qualification. It has continuous enjoyment of OCBC Credit Card benefits. It also has recurring fund transfer from the other bank account.

Create an account, there you go!

Yes, the right move to get this very rewarding money-growing idea is to create an account. This is the most important thing that can do to make the money grow.