Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 4G Comparison

With extremely comparable prices Honda Activa 4G and Honda Grazia are the two hot models that keep competing against each other to be the scooter of the choice. While Activa is priced at 43079 INR, Honda Grazia is priced at 60695 INR. The mileage of the two models are also different, Honda Activa 4G is claimed to be 60kmpl but for Grazia, the mileage is 46.7 kmpl. This difference though very important to some in a country like India, but it is not the sole decider of the model to be bought. There are multiple features that are very different for the two models and we will discuss some of these features first.

Different Features:

While Activa has an SI engine type with 109.2cc displacement, Grazia has a 4 stroke single cylinder type of engine and 124.9cc displacement. The 4G has an 8bhp @ 7,500 rpm whileGrazia has 8.63 PS @ 6400 rpm power. In Activa, both the front and the rear suspensions are hydraulic type while in Grazia the suspensions are a telescopic fork and spring loaded hydraulic type. The front wheels are comparable but the wheel of Grazia is bigger by 2 inches. While Activa has both the speedometer and the trip meter in analogue form, the Grazia has both of them in the digital form.

Though there are a lot of features that are different between the two models, there are a few basic features that make the two models comparable and thus make them similar in more than one ways. It is extremely important to know these features as well as this help to distinguish these two models from other models of Honda or any other company. Some of the similar features are discussed below in the form of bullet points.

Similar Features:

  • fuel system
  • fuel type (petrol)
  • number of gears
  • type of tires (tubeless)
  • wheel type (alloy)
  • fuel capacity of 4.3 L
  • kick and self-start mode
  • indicator showing low fuel levels
  • standard guarantee of 24000 km in terms of distance
  • standard guarantee of 2 years in terms of tenure.

The features that are the same along with the availability of both the models in one other color makes them direct competitors of each other, but the features are the clear definers of which model is to be taken. The Honda Grazia is a more stylish model while the Activa is one with more fuel efficiency in terms of mileage and cost efficiency in turn. But the people who will consider the looks to be more important than the fuel efficiency and the mileage will usually prefer the Grazia over the Activa which is mostly targeted by students who prefer value for money over sheer looks.