How to Know Your Used Car Milestones

Subaru El Cajon

Like we all cross milestones in our human life, so do the used cars, and isn’t this amazing? Yes, it is a reality indeed that every used car on this planet does cross specific turning points that are significant for its life cycle. The experts at the Subaru dealer Kearny Mesa explained that themilestones are based on usage and mileage thatreportedly have an effecton the value of the car, especially when it is being sold out as one.

So, if you’re planning to sell your car, the first thing to check out before you put up an ad, is the odometer and see if it has already crossed that significant mileage points of 36,000 miles or three years, whichever comes first. On the other hand if you are a buyer who is looking to buy an old car, it is again the odometer you should check before you commit to any deal. But apart from the mileage there are some other points as well that a used car gets evaluated upon. Check out below to know about these milestones.

Service Visits

The second significant milestone that a car can cross is the number of service visitswhich can be measured particularly if your car has that timing belt thatcoordinates the turning of the pistons as well as the camshaft. If you do not change this belt in time, eventually it will start wearing out and cause engine damage. Once a car goes through this, automatically it crosses another milestone and devalued by the customers.

Crossing 60,000-70,000 Miles and More

A car is a big investment and there are more car users who love to continue driving their old car, rather than changing it for a new in every couple of years. For such users, it will not be a surprise, if their car has crossed not only the first round of 36,000 miles, but even 60,000 miles or more. People who often like to explore the world on car, or the ones who use their cars rigorously for daily commutes and running daily errands often cross this milestone.

Tires and Brakes Subaru El Cajon

But irrespective of how many miles your car had driven, at times the tires and brakes might simply call off. Although the recent cars are having new technology tires and brakes that do not ask for that frequent maintenance, it is not yet time tested how long these tires and brakes will survive. The point here is checking out the conditions of the tires and brakes before a used car is put up for sale. Hence, these would be the other things that cross the milestones, which both the seller and buyer have to check upon.

Paint and Interior

As learned from the Subaru Kearny Mesa experts, although car paint is something that neither is an expensive work, nor does it affect the performance, is still an issue if you have not paid attention to. Next comes the parts of the interior, like the seats, the upholstery, the creature comfort features that are most likely to show up the age of the car, and also the way it has been used.

Wrapping it Up

So, before a deal is made, both the parties should check on these milestones that determine the value of a used car.