Know more about Vacuum-Assisted Vaginal Delivery

Pregnancy is certainly such phase of women life that changes her entire life. Although it brings lot of happiness but if there are some complications involved then doctors have to actually take some major steps in it. Talking of which vacuum delivery is one such complicated process that helps to remove baby from the birth canal. It is us ally advised when the mother is actually tired of pushing around or there is some other health complication that comes up. The process as compared to regular delivery is of course quite rapid and offers safe steps that help in reducing any kind of injury to baby or cesarean section need.

Fundamentals associated to Vacuum-Assisted Vaginal Delivery

Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, now there are better and less painful options coming across that supports the delivery of a child. However, there are certain basics that need to be met to make sure that vacuum extraction is safely done without harming the health of baby or mother. Before, you consider the option of vacuum cup baby delivery process; make sure you speak with your health care expert on the same.

The cervix needs to be well dilated:

In case, your doctor decides to opt for this option, then it is important that your cervix is dilated. If it is not then your doctor is putting the health if you and your baby at risk. Besides, it also increases the chances of injuries or cervix to get tore down. Such injury would then require surgical assistance that may also cause some issues in future with regards to pregnancy.

The position of the Baby’s head needs to be known:

This is another important thing that your doctor must not ignore. If the face of the baby is at the front, then such process should not be done as baby might get choked up. The right position for such type of process is to ensure that the midline on the baby’s top head is well positioned. Vacuum delivery will be successful only if the baby is straight up when you are lying on the back.

It is also necessary to make sure that the top of the baby’s head is at least with the ischial spines which means it needs to be descended at least one or two centimeter below the spine.

It is important for your doctor to understand the condition of your baby which means, the expert needs to be sure that your baby will fit through the birth canal without any kind of problem. Such process can be done only when the pregnancy is near term which is not before 34 weeks into the pregnancy. For further assistance during the preterm infant’s delivery, forceps are allowed to be used. Furthermore, your health care expert will of course tell you how rest of the process works and is there any kind of restriction that needs to be followed.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman but complications do come along with it. So it is fine to opt for vacuum assisted delivery for the safety of baby.