Make a smart decision while purchasing a washing machine

A washing machine is a kind of asset for the people. It is an electronic device which makes our work easier by washing our clothes. The modern washing machines has a spinning features, this features partially dry our clothes after washing it. So it was a small description about washing machine. As it seems very useful and relevant product so, one will compare the washing machine price list in order to buy the best one among the rest. There are many brands of washing machine like, LG washing machine, whirlpool washing machine, washing machine etc.

Here we go with the details of samsung washing machine

Samsung is a multinational manufacturing company. It came to its existence in the year 1969. It is a Korean company and currently operating its business in more than 80 countries of the world. Samsung is among the leading brand in terms of mobile phone, samsung washing machine, televisions, pen drives and memory chip. There is a competition in samsung washing machine, lg washing machine and whirlpool washing machine, and currently samsung is leading the game. The main motive of the company is to satisfy the customers’ needs and to remain the perfect match of customer demands; this means there are different types of samsung washing machine available.

Here we go with top 3 brands of washing machine available in the market

1st in the list is samsung washing machine:

  • Samsung WA60H4100Y, the holding capacity is of 6 kg. It is fully automatic and the market price is 15,000.
  • Samsung WA62M4100HY comes at 13,000. It is fully automatic washing machine having the holding capacity of 6.2 kg of weight.

2nd number we have whirlpool washing machine:

  • Whirlpool classic plus 621S have the holding capacity of 6.2 kg; it is fully automatic and has top loading facility. Its market price is rupees 13,000.
  • Whirlpool classic 622SD, it has the holding capacity of 6.2 kg. It is fully automatic with top loading feature. It is available in the market at rupees 15,000

At last in the list is LG washing machine:

  • LG 10 kg, it has the facility of top loading up to 10 kg. It is fully automatic and is available at rupees 30,000.
  • LG with 7 kg of loading capacity is available at rupees 11,000. It is semi automatic and has top loading facility.

So these were the washing machine price list available in the market. Now it is easier for one to compare the prices and the features of the washing machine and then, buy their best match. Samsung is the most trusted brand among the three. It can be difficult to choose one from top 3 brands, so better compare the basic features of the machine.