Make a Trip from Singapore to Bintan through Ferry

An earth consists of an enormous amount of excitement inside over it. Each and every people around the world are eagerly waiting for their turn and time to enjoy the sceneries present over in our environment. By travelling from one place to another place of an environment.A human feels like a new energy or some sort of change over in their lifestyle flow.If you really feel to make a change over in your life journey. Make a decision to travel to the colorful town of Bintan Island. Because it is one among the place in the earth where peoples often visit and relax. Bintan Island consists of crystal water like waves, white sandy beach, fresh sea foods etc. Later, we see clear note on Bintan Island. Until you make a quick decision to reach sparkling town upon travel by ferry from singapore to bintan.

Regarding Bintan Island:

Bintan is the wide range of land occupies the island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. An island is quite far away from Singapore city, approximately 30 miles of distances path over in between them. It includes 11 miles of land area of white color alike sandy beaches and a huge number of traditional sights and sculptures over there in the Tanjung Pinang city. There are various things present over their inside off that island. It includes plenty of seafood with affordable cost, luxurious resorts etc. Bintan Island attracts the tourists more in night time than at day time because it sparkled as colorful town among around the darkness over there.  It especially meant for a birthday celebration, various type of parties etc.  At last, if you are really decided to make a trip to Bintan Island, book the tickets. And have a joyful safe journey through travel by ferry from singapore to bintan.

Ferry Travelling Guide:

Make a schedule to spend an hour of travelling to reach Bintan Island by ferry. It hardly takes 45 to 60 minutes to reach Bintan from Singapore. Tourists should be on or before to the departing place of Tanah Merah Terminal belong to the Singapore city. Arriving time to Bintan Island various according to the ferry transporters. There are about 5 trips of services provide by the ferry daily.