Safety Features you can Install in your Classic Car

In recent days, automotive industry has crossed several miles towards a safer driving experience holding the hands of latest technology. The vehicles today are packed with high tech features that reduce the burden of driving to a great extent leaving little scope for human errors leading to grave accidents.But for many people, buying a new car might not be the preferred optionespecially for those who own classic cars with great vintage value.But what if we can install some of these cool new technologiesofin these old classic cars and enjoy the best of both worlds?That way, we can still enjoy driving the beautiful old classic cars that we love and at the same time, have majority of those techs installed in them to make them safer more convenient.

Here in this article we would try to explain how we can realize our desire for modern tech in the old classic vehicles. Here are few basic safety-features we learned from the Bakersfield Chevrolet dealer experts that can give the old classic cars a lot of safety assurance. Among them the ones that are most worthy of your consideration are:

  1. Emergency Assistance:

The Classic cars are most likely to be driven by senior citizens, who need more assistance in comparison to the younger ones. The emergency assistance system in their car would help them stay in touch with rescuers, in the need of the hour.

  1. Forward Collision Warning

This particular safety system is a boon to the cars and drivers. A large percentage of accidents were successfully avoided because of this system, as reports and surveys say. Installing a Forward Collision Warning in the classic car would be revolutionary, in making these cars enter a zone of security, which every driver would appreciate.

  1. Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot detection is a system that saves the drivers from the crashes or runovers with things or beings that come near the vehicle that the drivers cannot see otherwise. Installing this system in a classic car would help the driver to a great extent specially while cornering or parking in a tight place.

  1. Lane Departure Warning

This warning system creates an alert and warns the driver whenever the car is intruding into another lane departing from its own. As lane departure is one of the most common reasons behind car accidents, this feature should be installed in the older cars to save them on highways.

  1. Backup Camera

Not only does a backup camera work as a dash cam automatically recording videos during any crash, it also includes a driver awareness warning based on the speed and proximity to the vehicles ahead.

How to Do It

At theĀ Chevrolet dealer Bakersfield, we were given the good news that, for the classic car owners who wants such upgrades is that, there are several aftermarket devices available that can add these features to your to your current car, and none of them would be that expensive.