How to Save Gas and Money in a Pleasure Road Trip

Whenever a pleasure road trip comes ahead, none of us can wait for it. but in these days of price hike and scarcity in fuel makes us jittery to make a lavish plan. But a bit of careful habits and driving tricks can iron things out. As rightly suggested by an expert of the Riverside Hyundai dealership, if we follow a few thumb rules of driving, we can save quite an amount of gas and hence our hard earned money.

Right Inflation of Tires:

The first thing to do before you start the journey, is check out the tire pressure. One has to understand the basic fact that underinflated tires will have higher rolling resistance, which will in turn create more friction between the tire and the pavement. Underinflated tires even by a couple of PSIs can cost you a lot in terms of fuel efficiency. Check out the recommended label for air pressure in the side door jamb or glove box of the driver. The best way to avoid this kind of expenditure is getting your tires replaced with low-rolling-resistance tires, just before the road trip starts. This will create a real difference in the gas consumption in the long run.

The Recommended Speed:

Most of the drivers have a tendency to drive at a speed that is 5 to 10 mph above than the recommended speed limit. But it is a fact for them to learn that those few extra miles that they get per hour, can actually cost much more in terms of fuel, especially when driving a big SUV or Crossover. The best way to manage the speed limit is using the cruise control feature to keep the car speed in control. As far as the reaching in time is concerned, it is better to plan the travel time adding a couple of hours to the drive.

Running the Climate Control Feature:

It may sound counterintuitive, if it is said that keep the AC on while driving on highway speed, since it is a well-known fact that A/C causes a drag on the running engine. But what actually happens is inhighway speed, driving with all your windows rolled down will heighten up the wind drag on most of the vehicles. This is why, keeping the A/C on during the high speed drives will result in more fuel-efficiency.

Moderate your Acceleration:

If the car you are driving has got a real-time trip computer installed, use it to keep a watch on the gas mileage readings every time you accelerate.Observing the readings will show that generally the digits get dropped to single whenever you press the gas pedal hard. To avoid this situation the best possible way is to accelerate as moderately as possible. Even just being careful while pressing the brakes will help you with the levels of fuel consumption by almost 35 percent.

Fill Lesser

According to the Riverside Hyundai dealership experts, filling up your fuel tank less frequently willput less weight to the car that will help in moving down the road giving you more mileage and less requirement to find the next fuel station.