The skin changes that take place during the course of pregnancy

Pain medication while pregnant does ensure relief from most issues that crop up during pregnancy. But there are some skin disorders that also spring up during this time as well. Skin disorders medication could be a welcome change but you would need to be aware of the various issues that spring up at this point of time.

Pimples along with acne

Most pregnant women notice a combination of pimples along with acne and this is long before they become pregnant as well. As far as possible try to maintain your face clean with the aid of gentle face washer. If you plan to visit a skin specialist do convey to him that you are pregnant. Any facial cleaning products that are embedded with oats are an ideal option to get rid of pimples. Do make it a point that you avoid deep cleaning products as the skin is pretty much sensitive during the times of pregnancy.

Some areas of the body become dark

It is on the expected lines that the nipple along with the areola does become dark. This is during pregnancy as well as once the baby is born. If there are some freckles on the face you could also expect a darkening of the region of the freckles whereby new spots tend to emerge as well.

Stretch marks

Research does point to the fact that nearly 90 % of women are prone to stretch marks during the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. The main reason of it is that the inner layers of the skin are known to dilate. They do take the form of white or red lines on your abdomen and this could extend to your hips or breasts. With the passage of time they do tend to fade away and they replicate a silver white colour which does make them clearly invisible.

Skin tags

Could be referred to as small extensions of your skin. In certain cases they could be darker than the colour of your skin. They could go on to appear in any region of your body, under the necks or the armpits etc. in fact the worse feeling is that they are not going to disappear after birth. You can remove the skin tag before or after pregnancy by cutting. This is undertaken by a skin specialist and does take only a few minutes.

Black line

You are going to witness a black line that extends from the navel region to the pelvic areas. This could also arise due to hormonal changes that take place during the period of pregnancy. But these lines are going to disappear a few weeks after birth.

Spider veins

The major reason for their emergence is due to the increase in the levels of hormone along with enhanced performance of the circulatory system. The best part about them is that they tend to fade away on their own after pregnancy and consumption of vitamin C prevents it as well.