Sunglasses that are good for you

Who doesn’t like a beautiful pair of sunglasses? On sunny days, it is the most stylish thing you can adorn your face with. Style though is not the only factor that determines the use of sunglasses. You need to make sure that your glasses are both safe and protect your eyes from UV rays. There are a lot of sunglasses on the market, so how do you choose which one is good? How do you choose a sunglass for your prescription sunglass lenses?

1- Buy sunglasses that block most UV

If you are to buy sunglasses pick those that provide maximum protection from UV radiations. Exposure to UV radiations can cause damage to the eyes including the development of cataract and eye growths. Look for labels like 100% UV absorption or 400mm of UV absorption. This is guaranteeing you protection from UV rays.

2- Polished glasses

Whether polished or not, sunglasses of good quality should not hurt your eyes. So what you have to look for is quality. To inspect the quality of sunglasses move them along a straight line to look for deformities. If there is deformity in the line, the quality is not good. Pick something else.

3- Impact standard

When choosing sunglasses, choose those that are break-resistant. Plastic sunglasses do not break easily. You can use standard nonprescription sunglasses that are usually sturdy and strong. Buy ones that are scratch resistant.

4- Polarized

These lenses are designed to reflect sunlight away and are very good to use while driving. Even though these lenses are not UV resistant, they are now available in combination with UV resistant material. Make sure you check the UV resistance before buying them.

5- Photochromic lenses

These lenses darken by themselves when exposed to bright light and get lighter where there is low light. They are a great choice when you have to move indoors and outdoors frequently. You can add your prescription lenses to these and get great prescription sunglass lenses for all day use.