Symptoms and facts to know about Meningioma

Meningioma is actually brain tumor which develops within meninges or the small membranes, which are said to protect and cover the brain and the spinal cord. Such brain tumors are known to grow generally at a very slow pace. Hence, it does not affect the tissue that surrounds the brain tumor.

In most of the cases, meningioma brain tumor has been considered to be non-cancerous (benign). It will not spread easily to the other body parts or the nervous system. But there are few rare cases, where malignant meningiomas are found to be much more aggressive in nature.  Fortunately, with price of meningioma brain tumor surgery going down, patients can now get relief and enjoy getting immediate treatment.

Know the symptoms

As the neurologist diagnoses the patient with this brain tumor type, then it becomes essential for the latter to get to know the facts as much as possible. It is depending upon the symptoms, location and size that the neurologists will be able to determine the treatment type to be performed upon the patients, which best suits their needs and circumstances. Even though, Meningioma brain tumor is said to affect both the genders and all ages, health experts opine that they are found common in women. Also, those in the ages between 40 and 60 are likely to be potential candidates for the same.

Some of the symptoms of meningioma are as follows:

  • Memory blocks
  • Vision blurring
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent headaches occurring frequently
  • Vomiting
  • Blind spots at eye back portion
  • Extreme pressure feeling within the skull

The above are just few of the symptoms out of the many.

Tests performed

The physician will actually perform different types of tests for evaluating the situation and to check if meningioma is the root cause for such problems to take place in the patient. Tests like vision testing and mental function could be performed. However, the most conducive test to determine the diagnosis of brain tumor is termed to be the brain’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. This scan tends to make use of radio and magnetic waves. This effectively means the patient does not get exposed to x-rays or other types of damaging radiation forms. During the test, contrast dye could be administered through individual system for making the images much more clear.

In case, of large to medium meningioma brain tumor, the talented physician and neurologist is likely to recommend surgical procedure for removing the tumor, in case it is found to be within an accessible location. It is considered to be a highly effective and successful way to eliminate meningioma. Complete removal might not be possible in some patients. Then, recurring meningiomas may need advanced treatment, including radiation therapy. With average cost of meningioma brain tumor surgery in India coming down, the patient now can expect to be 100% cured and be satisfied.

Moreover, the rate of successful treatment as well as removal of this brain tumor type is considered to be quite high.