Tone your physical appearance and strengthen your body with Anavar

Tone your physical appearance and strengthen your body with Anavar

Anavar is an anabolic steroid, which gives more energy, improves the body strength, helps to reduce the fat and used to shape the muscles. Anavar is one of the safest anabolic steroids and it is more powerful steroid for weight loses. This is preferable for both men and women and they should follow the anavar steroid cycle to get a good result. It can be taken alone or with other steroids and strength enhancers. Then, it become more popular among women as it is the best steroids for bodybuildes to take while comparing with other anabolic steroids. It is safer to use and there is no side effect while using it.

How to follow the anavar cycle?

Anavar cycle is an eight week process. Anavar is the only cycle starts with a dosage 2.25 mg in week 1 for women, so only women prefers this cycle. This favors for cutting that helps in toning the muscles, losing weight and increased metabolism for women. Mostly women will take up to 10mg, those who want to add more bulk and muscle then they can take up to 20mg.

Tone your physical appearance and strengthen your body with Anavar

  • For women, anavar cycle starts with dosage of 2.5 mg for first two weeks.
  • Then gradually increase 2.5 mg for next two weeks which means that they can have dosage of 5.0 mg on third and fourth week.
  • During the fifth week of the cycle they can have up to 10.0mg and on sixth week can take dosage up to 15.0 mg.
  • On the seventh week it reduces and should take dosage of 5.0mg.
  • Finally, the cycle ends on the eighth week with the dosage of 10.0mg.

This is the progress of Anavar cycle for women. For men, it totally differs not only in the dosage and benefits also. While comparing with men, it is more powerful for women only. Men should prefer this steroid during the cutting phase to build their muscles and for fat loss. For men also the anavar cycle is for eight weeks. At starting, dosage of 30mg will be recommended for men if they didn’t take this steroid before.

  • First two weeks 50mg dosage is preferable.
  • On third week of the cycle dosage will be increased to 60mg. During fourth week they can have up to 80mg dosage.
  • Fifth week the dosage of 70mg is preferred. After that 10mg increased per week.
  • The eighth week cycle ends up with the dosage of 100mg.

Minimum dosage of 30mg is preferable for beginners and maximum they can have up to dosage of 70mg.

Benefits of Anavar and it is cost effective 

In common, it helps both men and women to develop their muscles, reduces the body fat and improves the energy and performance of the body. Also it helps women to tone their body shape and improves metabolism.

Anavar is hundred percentage legal and we can buy even without prescription. A 10mg anavar tablet is of cost 2$ and for high quality the cost is increased to 4$ and it is available worldwide and free of shipping cost. Also you can shop in online with an offer buy two get one free.