Training your respiratory system or just simply using a resistance using an altitude training mask is one of the generally overlooked aspects of several athletes. This means that if you are not working to improve your respiration you are not training efficiently.

This is really something that has been highly proven by several studies that are conducted in sports like rugby, basketball, football and more. So, if you are wondering how can you improve your performance then read one!

Listed below are the most important advantages of improving your breathing by using a training mask.

It Improves endurance and stamina

Developing the stamina as well endurance is said to be the byproduct of making your respiratory system more effective and efficient.  A high paced breathing during an intense activity will anyhow increase your stamina. But, controlling your breath can be very challenging, especially during the moments where you have higher exertions.

A training mask here can provide you with the best solution and can also help you to control your breathing by increasing the tolerance of your body to CO2. The level of C02 inside your body is what makes you feel the need to breathe in. Also, when the level of CO2 increases you will somehow feel the need to breathe in.

Increases the amount of fat loss

Although this has nothing to do with your performance, it provides you with great benefits of using the high altitude training mask. Fat loss has been always one of the major concerns of many people. But, as you know it only happens when you burn more calories than you eat. According to several researchers, the best ways to boost your metabolism and lose fat is doing any sort of highly intense physical activity.

Better mental preparation

Last but not the least; you can always use the training mask as a tool in order to disconnect from the environment and to just focus on you and your breathing. When trying to establishing that type of connection with the way you breathe in and out will really help you with understanding and learning to use your respiratory system in a better way.