Top shower curtain ideas for a modern bathroom look

Shower curtains are critical to the entire ambiance of the bathroom. These are one of the essential things to accessorize one’s bathroom. In most of the bathrooms, it is quite of a challenge to get ready for the day and still have enough space to move around. The idea of saving space between shower area and bathtub are often left unconsidered and by installing a shower curtain in between them is the best possible way to save space in the bathroom along with giving it a classy and clean look.

Being versatile, and don’t demand a lot of maintenance and space, shower curtains are the best options to decorate the bathrooms. To give your bathrooms a makeover with the latest ideas and concepts to make them look larger and spacious, consider using shower curtains with the below-mentioned tips and tricks.

Shower curtains have made their comeback

In the past, shower curtains weren’t a thing to talk or discuss and were least considered because they only comprised of a few variations of colors and shades. But, the trend of installing attractive and fashionable shower curtains has been seen all over the world by the availability of latest products that you can choose according to your bathroom decor and floor tiles.

Today, you can select a wide range of shower curtains depending on your style quotient that will fit nicely with your designed or themed bathroom. You can also pull back the curtains strings when not in use together to add visual space to your bathroom interiors.

Increase your bathroom’s size with shower curtains

A bathroom is good when it is spacious; no one liked it small and loaded with stuff. Shower curtains are a great help for you if you do not want to install those glass enclosure doors. The major type of shower curtain that people with tiny bathrooms install is the one that is fixed on the ceiling to enable the curtain to spread and come together while making the area look larger and spacious.

You can also add some valance or hang a decorative piece of fabric as a formal approach to your shower area. These shower curtains also come with an inner lining that will ensure protection from water damage.

It is always fun to add some drama and texture to the bathroom

If you are fond of art and decoration, adding a gorgeous touch of art on the bathroom walls is never a bad idea. If you go for a ceramic tile hard looking textured wall near the bathtub area, you can consider using the fabric of draping shower curtains to add the softness to your shower space.

If you are decorating a guest bathroom or a bedroom, dramatic curtains are the best as they are eye-catchy and appealing at the same time. Making use of decorative sheets, soft fabrics, as well as window treatment material can be done to enhance your bathroom area. Adding small creative bath accessories, colorful wallpapers to the bathroom can complement your shower curtains in the bathroom.