Treatment Options for Drug Addiction

Knowing that your friend or loved one is suffering from drug addiction can be very difficult to deal with. While your relative may not be willing to go to rehab initially, this is often the best option, and can provide the addict with effective solutions to live a clean, sober life. There are a number of treatment choices to choose from, so it’s best to work with a counselor who specializes in drug rehab in Mississauga to determine which method is best.

Drug counselors and medical staff may perform a psychological evaluation on your loved one to determine the way his/her brain works. This evaluation could reveal the triggers that lead to drug use, such as feelings of worthlessness or social anxiety. Learning the psychology behind a person’s drug use can also help to determine if the addict is using harmful substance as a way to balance his/her brain chemicals or deal with mental illness. An evaluation can also determine if substance abuse is genetic, or if the addict is using drug because he/she witnessed a parent or guardian abusing drugs during childhood.

A medial approach to drug addiction is sometimes necessary, especially in the initial stages of treatment. Some addicts are so dependent on the substance they are abusing that their bodies won’t respond to other forms of treatment until they are given a medication that will take away the cravings for drugs. These medications are also sometimes used to treat some of the physical symptoms of addiction, such as muscle pain and migraine headaches. Once the addict’s immune and nervous systems are stronger, other treatment methods can be implemented.

A naturopathic treatment option may also be best for some addicts. Instead of administering medication that will mask the symptoms of addiction, this approach involves eliminating the desire for drugs by improving the overall health of the addict. Conventional medications are sometimes combined with herbal supplements and natural treatments to help the addict function in a healthy and balanced fashion.

For some addicts, holistic treatment is best. Holistic specialists will focus on the relationships in the addict’s life that may have led to drug use, as well as the habits the addict has adopted that are compromising his/her health. A holistic doctor or therapist may also suggest a diet plan that assists your family member in getting the proper nutrition to properly feed the body and mind. This method of treatment may also require the addict to form new friendships or find a new career that will eliminate stress in his/her life, which decreases the desire for drug use.

Before deciding which drug rehab in Mississauga program is right for your loved one, get a more detailed understanding of the available treatment choices at the rehab center you’ve selected. You may even want to visit the facility to talk to specialists in person, and attend a few family counseling sessions to help your relative receive the support and attention he/she needs to overcome drug addiction and improve his/her overall health.