A Trek Trip to Remember

A Trek Trip to Remember

You know Karnataka is believed to be one of the most chief trekking places in South India. The scenery and landscape of this state possesses plush green tropical forests, small hillocks, Rocky Mountains, caves and graceful rivers. These joint together make for an ideal trekking destination. If you are dropping in Bangalore in the near future or liv in this city then you must try out trekking here.

Just explore a little and you will come across plenty of trekking near Bangalore spots. These spots are going to change your future. Once you visit any of these spots, you are going to visit at least one or the other spot for trekking every month or more often. After all, you too deserve that fun filled interval so as to keep yourself full of zeal and freshness. Anyhow, below are a few trekking spots that you can check out right away!

trekking near Bangalore

Karighatta Trek

This wonderful trekking destination is located just hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is a very lively and suitable destination for traveling buffs and trekking fans. Karighatta hill is positioned at a height of 2,697 feet. You can relish a great and adventurous time during a trekking trip to this spot.

Ramadevara Betta

The trekking track in Ramnagar is mapped at a distance of about fifty kilometres. It is the model trail for the folks who love trekking, rappelling and rock climbing. Once you reach at the place of base, just ascent the stairs that are about 300 in number.

Once you have crossed these stairs, you are going to reach a temple. You can further climb ahead from there. There is a gorgeous and exciting trek to reach to top. An interesting thing about this spot is that it is Sholay destination too. Your trekking trip to this spot will surely win your heart and taste.

Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari is a place fenced by wonderful valleys. At this spot,a number of slopping rivers and streams frame the rolling terrain. The surrounding forest area has a huge number of Indian Wildlife Species. While you relish your trekking activities, you may also meet deer on your way. And one interesting thing is that there are many wildlife trekking tracks present for both the beginners and professionals.


Anthargange is situated at a distance of around one hour drive from Bangalore. This short and pleasing trek will fulfil your instant adventurous requirements. The Anthargange trek is one of the utmost sought slog near Bangalore. The trek is a mixture of trekking and cave exploration that drives the gusto factor. Anthargange hill is completely cloaked with boulders. The destination is located at a distance of aroundsixty-five kilometres from Bangalore. This hill is at a height of around 1712m above sea level.

It is pointless to say that an Anthargange trip is perfect for trekking. Thisthree-kilometre trek is somewhat moderate as the trip starts with broken rocks and curly paths in boulders.

So, Bangalore is no longer a boring or tedious city if you are familiar with these trekking and adventurous destinations. These spots can prove happening weekend getaways for you!