Some unknown delicious dishes of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh brings you the hottest and fiercest dishes from India. Red chilli is produced in plenty in these two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Every single bite will make your tongue tickle. The two states which have been recently separated produce very famous spicy cuisines. You know, in the south, almost all the dishes are made from rice, and their chilli adds the flavour. Andhra Pradesh, having a wide coastline also gives them some very delicious non-veg recipes, but some veg dishes are worth eating.

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has such a wide variety of snacks as well as main course. Here are some uncommon dishes of Andhra Pradesh:

  • KandhiPodi:Podi refers to a spice which is the most common ingredient in almost all the dishes. This pale orange coloured masala is mixed with Bengal gram and roasted gram, and the good thing about this is that they can be stored for months. This is the best way to start the main course.
  • GonguraPachadi: it is a type of chutney which can be accompanied by dosa, idli or rice too. There are different varieties of it can be made of brinjal or ginger. This spicy chutney can give spicy flavour to any dish. Despite its taste, it is very healthy and contains antioxidants. You must try this.
  • UlavaCharu: this is very popular curry of AP which looks like a traditional soup. The best served with rice with a dollop of cream. The spicy taste with little bit cream will make you lick your fingers.

  • Ivy Gourd Curry Recipe: A semi dry curry which can be eaten with roti as well as rice. Dondakaya is well used in chutneys in AP. The curry can be garnished with chopped onions and tomatoes. Find full dondakaya curry recipe by searching online.
  • Pesarattu: A light dish for the breakfast which can boost you for the whole day. This looks like dosa but has a completely different taste. This is actually made from moong dal instead of rice. It is mostly eaten with green chutney or coconut chutney.
  • RagiSangati with NatuKodiPulusu: This is a dish for the non-veg lovers. Andhra Pradesh has many well-known chicken dishes, and it’s tough to choose the best one. In this dish, Guntur chilli and garlic add the flavour. The curry is eaten with Ragi balls which are made from rice. This is a must try recipe.
  • AkuruPappu: In India, spinach is used very well. There are a number of cuisines which can be made from spinach. This dish contains some pulses with a flavour of spinach. The spices can be added according to your convenience.
  • s it is one of the best-known dishes made from brinjal and a great companion of rice. This crispy dish combines peanut with red chillies and all the other flavours very well. The best served with steamed rice.

These dishes of Andhra Pradesh remained in Shadow, but they are awesome. You can get recipes for all these dishes and learn how to make Dondakaya curry in just a few minutes. You should give a try.