Upcoming beast LG G7 is going to make a hit in 2018

After a long time, LG has made a new good-looking flagship smartphone – LG G7. The rear panel of LG G6: there are two cameras, a flash between the two; under them – a power button, combined with fingerprint scanner; the upper bound is: a microphone and a mini-jack; the lower bound: a second microphone, USB port Type-C and speaker. On the left face of G6 body: volume buttons, the bottom of which is also responsible for shutter release while on the right-hand side: the SIM-card and memory card. An important feature of the body – a combination of moisture and dust protection standard IP68 (like the Sony Xperia once and like Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8), instead of IP67 (as the iPhone 7) – and it was not necessary for the sake of getting rid of even mini- jack. LG previously prevented the removable rear cover, the modular design. Now, it does not interfere with anything. Expectations of people are high for LG G7. Hope, LG G7 with its new stylish design – bendable screen would be able to drag the company to a more advanced level.

The second (and main) joy of the non-standard display in LG G6 – the gadget is really easy to use. This is the first more or less “one-handed” smartphone with a display of 5.7 inches from the ones I tried, feels like it is smaller than it actually is. Not to say that my fingers of one hand hold out to all points of the screen, but constantly intercept LG G6 is not necessary. By the way, the G6 is already lower than the G5! Let thicker, 148.9 × 71.9 × 7.9 mm versus 149.4 × 73.9 × 7.3 mm. And weighs a little more than – 163 grams versus 156. Hope, upcoming beast LG G7, with its appropriate dimensions and aspect ratio, could provide us a comfort zone while holding the 5.8-inches phone.

LG has crafted the LG G6 phone very well. Not only its looks are amazing but LG has also taken a brilliant step for the protection of the device. The front panel and the camera module is covered with glass Gorilla Glass 3, whereas the rear panel used Gorilla Glass 5. From the experience, we can say that the fifth generation of Gorilla Glass is better to collect minor scratches, but theoretically more stable with respect to extreme loads. Rumors suggest that the upcoming flagship LG G7 will hit the shelves with a new version of display – bendable display having a higher protection; Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the sides – rear and front.

 Enjoyable time – unit with two cameras no longer acts on the body, as well as the power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner. In terms of convenience – it is doubtful points (find the button used to be easier), but the new version, LG G6, looks exactly better. Korean reports suggest that the aim of LG company for its powerful beast LG G7 is to craft it in such a way so as it could be capable of competing with its rivals. Moreover, An investor claimed that LG and Qualcomm are working mutually and the beast G7 will come out next year with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC chipset powered by 10nm LPP process bringing performance and power improvements as well.

Source: LGG7D.com