What to do and what not do when it comes to medication during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time during which you have to extra careful about everything that you do. It is a rather difficult and challenging time during which you have to remain extra cautious. Everybody wants a hassle free and complication less pregnancy, but that is not always possible. While sometimes the complications are due to the pregnancy itself whereas at other times it is because of something that a mother already has due to which the pregnancy is getting compromised.

It is very difficult to tell what kind of complications might arise during a pregnancy and what can be done to effectively tackle it. Sometimes doctors take recourse to daily dose of medication in order to deal with these complications and prescribe a pregnant medicine list which needs to be followed to the t. In fact when it comes to pregnancy and medication, it is rather a tricky thing to take care of. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your pregnancy medication.

The dos of pregnancy medication

Right after you find out that you are pregnant, you need to visit the doctor and among the many other questions that you have, do ask your doctor about a list of medicines that you can have and also a list of medicines that you need to avoid at all costs during your pregnancy. There are some medicines which are very harmful for both the mother and the baby and hence medications like this needs to be avoided.

It is very important that you do consult your doctor before you take any medication, may it be a common ailment like cough and cold, or something more serious and long term. Your body cannot tolerate the intake of certain drugs during this period which you may have been having for a long time and hence you need to first talk to your doctor before you continue having them.

Do some research online and find out the basic drugs that you have to avoid during your pregnancy in order to update yourself for you and your baby.

The don’ts of pregnancy medication

When it comes to the list of medications while pregnant that you should avoid at all cost, do not have aspirin and ibuprofen at any cost. These are very common medicines that you need to avoid when you are pregnant.

Do not take over the counter drugs during your pregnancy. This is a very common practise that a lot of people have which you must put a stop to when you are pregnant. Do not under any circumstances buy drugs that have not been prescribed to you by your doctor. Also if it is an emergency, then call up your doctor before having the medication.

Do not panic if you have been having a medication for a long time. You might have to alter the doses a little bit, again by your doctor which will ensure that you and your child both stay safe.

Remember these very crucial things when it comes to taking medications when you are pregnant.